Let's talk about Zeiss baby

Hello again, I'm going to spout off about cameras. 

I have wanted to try out some Zeiss lenses for a while now. A lot of old men bang on about them having special properties, and the video guys like them as the C/Y mount versions work well on Canon 5Ds.

The best bang for buck seems to be the 50mm 1.7 for the Contax/Yashica mount. So i grabbed one for £100 from a dealer and went to find a Contax camera. With a bit of research I found that the 139Q was a good option. I have been wanting a compact manual focus camera for a while and this setup seemed ideal. It was only £40, but needed new leather and light seals, I did the leather myself, it was simple-ish, I left the light seals to Peter.

Anyway, I am in danger of sounding like a camera-cock who talks more about cameras than takes photos. So here are some photos of my beautiful wife (and a leaf) taken with this setup and cheapo Kodak 200.

Peter WilbourneComment