Save Lea Marshes photo competition

I moved to Walthamstow last year, here are some things I have noticed about 'The Stow':

• It is an enclave of London where things like garages, front/back gardens and parking spaces are the norm not the exception

• it's the last place to still have second-hand hi-fi shops

• tarmac is optional on many roads

• it is the next stop out for the Hackney dwellers who have had a kid and need more space

• they are bringing the house prices up (bad), but have also brought sushi delivery (good), so the jury's out on them at the moment

• best of all for me, it is separated from the joys of Clapton and Tottenham by a bloody big wedge of greenness called the Lee Valley.

It's different from other green spaces in London that I have visited, a mixture of wetlands, marshes, canals, industry, reservoirs, parks and an ice rink. I have to cycle across it on my commute to work, it makes for a tranquil start and end to my journey, just as long as you don't swallow any flies in the early evening sun.

I took a photo of the marshes one frosty morning in January, posted it on the Awesomestow facebook group. One of the members suggested I enter it into the Save Lea Marshes photo competition, so I did, and I was one of the 12 winners.


The photos will be displayed as part of the exhibition which starts on 4th April at the Waterworks Centre, Leyton, E10 7QB. It's open from 10am-4pm Friday-Sunday.

Local photographer Mark Burden (@mrmarcburdenhas taken portraits of the winners, I can't wait to see them. He used a Hasselblad, I was a bit jealous.

Ta ta for now.