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Fairclough Photography wanted a multi-faceted logo to speak about specific aspects of their personality and business. This coat of arms design is an eye-catching mark, but with personal depth of meaning.

Fairclough: This surname is a topographic name for "a dweller in the fair hollow", deriving from the Medieval English "fair" itself coming from the Old English pre 7th Century "foeger" meaning "lovely" or "fair" and the Olde English "cloh", a ravine.

I created bespoke illustrations for each of the sections:

Top-left - The sun and hills are a representation of a 'fariclough' this surname is derived from medieval "foeger" - fair and "cloh" - ravine. Secondly, the pair are based in the North West UK, a stones-throw from the Lake district and Yorkshire Moors.

Top-right - Obviously these guys are cat lovers! This kind of specific information gives an insight in the people behind the brand and gives clients a possible connection to the pair.

Bottom-left - The flash symbol. A nod to photography, but without using the tired 'aperture' motif. This symbol is bold, energetic and imparts a sense of excitement and movement.

Bottom-right - Compass. Adventure, travel and wanderlust... The Faircloughs wanted to let prospective clients know that they are not scared to travel to new places, faraway destinations or exotic climates.

Centre - The middle of the shield has the initials of the Faircloughs, Katie & James. At the heart of the business and logo.

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