id: SUMMIT Photography Conference identity

Summit 2016 is a new photography conference taking place at Liverpool's Camp & Furnace on 1 November 2016.

This is a sister conference to Snap Photography Festival organised with #ROCKYOURSHOT and features 20 of the world's most inspiring photographers.

The brief was to create a simple and striking logotype that could be easily used over images.

I used a modified version of the Metro font. By adding a simple white line across the 'M's it creates a snow-top mountain look. This ties in with the imagery conjured by the name, which alludes to aspiration, excellence and growth.

It was important that the brand tied into the landscape of the North of England and into the fabric of Liverpool, an area often overlooked for this type of large event. The hero image of Summit launch is a photograph taken by North Yorkshire based photographer Aaron Yeoman of the Mann Island building on the Albert Dock.

You can see my work on the Snap Photography Festival brand here.

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