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Zenna is a wedding photographer in Manchester.
She wanted to freshen up her whole offering from logo to website, brochure and social media templates.

We worked together to find a look that complimented her lively, exuberant style and would give her clients an idea about who they are getting to photograph their wedding day. 

In the logo mark we have a number of signals to the client:

  • the confetti immediately says wedding (something that can we can never fail to communicate)
  • the diamond shapes are a personal choice of Zenna's, it was something that inspired our first ideas
  • the gold highlights are the key to bringing it all together and speak to, quality, luxury and a standard of service that you need from this trusted supplier


Using a couple of elements from the main logo I created these two backdrops that can be used as backgrounds on the website and brochure. Also can be overlaid on images.

2048x2048 conf transparent.png

Social Media Icons


The whole brand really comes together in the PDF brochure. You can see how the backgrounds, shape elements and textures work as one.


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