photo: Peter spent one night in Dallas

I've never done street photography before, but I'm sure I read a blog about it somewhere.

I remembered that you shouldn't use auto focus, just set the lens to 2-3 metres; you should set a high aperture (f8 or above) so you have a large area in focus at all times; shoot from the hip, if you're using a SLR (like a mug), they are obvious, so holding it lower means people don't notice; be prepared to shoot a lot of crap, not looking though the view finder inevitably means shitty framing, wonky lines and cut off heads. I managed to get 15 odd OK shots from about 400.

Of course SERIOUS street photographers always go B&W (jk), but, I like the abstraction of B&W, it cuts out the colour clutter of modern signs, shows the lines and forms, and totally covers up the noise of shooting at 12,000,000,000 ISO. This B&W is the Ryan Longnecker 06 preset available from those guys at Lookslikefilm/Tribe Archipelago with a few tweaks.

Off to shoot some more now... in a city with more bloody people in it...